Quilting Services

 Kadydid Studio offers quality quilting services to provide a professional finish to your treasured quilts. If you bring your completed quilt tops to me, I will finish them for you. I would be happy to quilt the layers using a decorative design that complements the quilt pattern. (Photo left: Quilt top pieced by Della M., quilted by Kadydid Studio LLC).

Custom Quilts & T-Shirt Quilts

Have you been saving your son or daughter’s sport or marching band t-shirts but just not sure how to show them off? Or maybe a collection of t-shirts from concerts or vacation travels. Let me create a one of a kind quilt that keeps those memories alive.

Looking to have a custom designed quilt? Please contact me to discuss what you have in mind. I would be happy to provide a quote. (Photo left: Quilt top pieced by Kadydid Studio LLC, quilted by Carol H)

Next Steps...

Please let me know how I can help you with your project, or contact me if you are interested in purchasing something you see pictured here.