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Do you enjoy volunteering, sharing your gifts and talents?

I have had the opportunity to share and use my love for quilting with a couple different groups. One of those groups is a local Quilts of Valor group - the Patriotic Piecers. The Quilts of Valor Foundation awards hand made quilts to service members and veterans that have been touched by war.

When I can, I meet with them to piece quilt tops, but I have also quilted several of their quilts on my longarm quilting machine. Here are a couple photos of the most recent quilt I completed for them. I think this has been my favorite pattern so far. I think it is the combination of the stars and stripes that I like so much.

The group is planning their next presentation of quilts for May.

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QOV sm

What do you enjoy most about hand-crafted items? Giving them? Making them?

I know I enjoy the fun of creating something. Sometimes it is a lengthy process, selecting the pattern and the fabric can almost be more challenging than the actual task of making the item. None the less, I enjoy the process and I especially like to see the end result. And, if I am making something that will be a gift, I hope the person is just as excited to receive the gift as I am to give it. To be perfectly honest, it usually isn’t less expensive to hand-make a gift but I think it is often better quality and definitely has my heart and soul poured into it so it will be very special to the recipient.

If you are looking for a special, hand-made gift for a friend or family member browse through my gallery for some ideas. If you see something you like please reach out for availability since I don’t have an online shop set up just yet. If you see something you like but not in your color choice, let me know. We can certainly switch up the colors to meet your needs. Not quite finding what you need but you have ideas? Reach out and we can discuss options.

Do you have a quilt top that has been in your UFO (unfinished objects) pile forever? Let me quilt it for you so you can snuggle up with a good book and cup of coffee admiring your handiwork. Or send your finished gift of love off to a loved one or shut-in so they can enjoy its warmth and comfort.

GRAND ADVENTURE QUILT - Pieced & quilted by Kadydid Studio

Custom Quilting Services

Bring your quilt tops to me and I will quilt the layers using a decorative design that complements the quilt pattern. I can also add the binding to finish your quilt.


Custom Hand-crafted Designs

Select from already made items, or choose your favorite colors/fabric and I will create a one-of-a-kind design just for you.


Custom Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts

Have you been saving your son or daughter’s sport t-shirts, or  t-shirts from concerts or travels? Let me create a one of a kind quilt that keeps those memories alive.

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Let me know how I can help with your quilting project, or what kind of quilt or custom project I can create for you..