Custom Quilts and T-shirt Quilts

NOTE: My schedule for CUSTOM QUILTS & T-SHIRT/MEMORY QUILTS is full for 2021. Feel free to still reach out with any questions or if you want to be notified when my schedule opens up again. Thank you!

Have you been saving your son or daughter’s sport or marching band t-shirts but just not sure how to show them off? Or maybe a collection of t-shirts from concerts or vacation travels? Let me create a one of a kind quilt that keeps those memories alive.

A quilt will showcase those memories and turn them into something practical and very usable.

Contact me for a quote and to discuss options. Consider how many t-shirts you want to incorporate and whether you want the t-shirts to butt up against each other or separate them with sashing to make the shirt designs pop.

When selecting backing fabric, consider how the quilt will be used. Will it be used as a beach or picnic blanket, or to cuddle up in front of the TV, or curl up on the couch with a good book?

Contact me to discuss these options and any other questions you might have. I will provide you with a quote to fit your specific design requests.

Here is a quote based on the following options:

20 t-shirt designs would make a quilt approximately 58" x 72"

  • 4 shirts across x 5 shirts down
  • design trimmed to 12" square
  • 2" sashing separating shirts
  • 2" sashing around outside bordering shirts

Cost: $18 per 12" t-shirt design

Includes all materials:

  • interfacing to stabilize t-shirts
  • 100% cotton sashing fabric
  • 100% cotton backing fabric
  • batting
  • 100% cotton binding fabric

Includes edge to edge quilting (stitching that holds together quilt top, batting, and backing)

Total Cost for 20 t-shirt designs = $360


Looking to have a custom designed quilt? Please contact me to discuss what you have in mind. I would be happy to provide a quote.

Above t-shirt quilts pieced by Kadydid Studio LLC, quilted by Carol H